Multiples dedicates (nodes) for AMP

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Doc94 posted this 2 weeks ago - Last edited 2 weeks ago

Hello, my doubt is how AMP works in terms of I have 2 dedicated and I want to have a single panel (AMP) that let me manage servers of the 2 or more dedicated that I have.

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Mike posted this 1 weeks ago

It will be able to do this, but this isn't yet implemented yet. AMP has a management instance type called ADS (Application Deployment Server) and you can stack the instances together so 1 panel can manage game servers on lots of different machines.

Doc94 posted this 6 days ago

Any tutorial for use this and then have 2 nodes for a panel?

(i need know this before for purchase or choose a panelgame)

Mike posted this 6 days ago

There isn't a tutorial for this yet because it's not implemented yet.

Doc94 posted this 6 days ago

Ok. Any date for that possible addition?

Mike posted this 5 days ago