Single-Sign-On for all instances

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MagicSec posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi there,

We run a network using AMP Network edition, however it's quite tedious when managing the amount of servers we have as we have to keep track of many usernames and passwords and have to ensure that those who need access to it (and those that don't) have got the right information.

(preferably not having to re-enter usernames and passwords multiple times, but that would be a good compromise...)

Is there any plans for some sort of Single-Sign-On/User Federation or would we have to look for another solution for this?

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Mike posted this 4 weeks ago

Already being worked on, it's part of ADS. Once it's sorted you'd only log into ADS and from there users will be able to access each of the servers they have permission to use. Even before that we might get login delegation to prior to the centralised management.

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