Now instead of waiting for formal releases, if you're feeling adventurous you can get the latest nightly builds - updated each day.

These are only available for Linux users right now, and they come with absolutely no support. Bug reports or issue requests when running a nightly build will simply be met with an instruction to run the current public release build instead.

If that still doesn't deter you, here's how you get it:

  • Download the Nightlies version of the Instance Manager from
  • Run AMP_NO_CACHE=1 AMP_NIGHTLY=1 ./ampinstmgr -u SomeInstanceName to upgrade that instance to the current nightly build. You can prepend AMP_NIGHTLY=1 as well when creating new instances. Omitting this flag will simply use the mainline build.

In the future I also plan to tag the nightly builds in some way to show what changes have been made and what's new in that particular build.