Whitelist doesn't seem to be working for Minecraft

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DarkSylph posted this 4 days ago

I have whitelist feature turned on and have added a number of players to the whitelist.

However, so far no one has been blocked or stopped from joining the server.

Despite the fact that the console itself tells me it is processing and updating the whitelist, anyone can still join without issue.

I have the whitelist toggled on under gameplay settings in my instance.

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Mike posted this 3 days ago

Are you using vanilla or a modded server type?

DarkSylph posted this 12 hours ago

Are you using vanilla or a modded server type?

FTB Infinity Lite 1.10

Sorry for the late reply.

Does whitelist not work on FTB?

Mike posted this 9 hours ago

What version of Minecraft is it based on? You might not be able to use AMPs whitelisting if it's too old a version and you'd have to manage it manually.

DarkSylph posted this 9 hours ago

It is based on Minecraft 1.10.2

hinchy34 posted this 8 hours ago

I found setting a number of parameters in AMP for both vanilla or FTB packs don't seem to transfer and update the server.properties file in the file manager. I would manually confirm it, I too had weird things with the whitelist and port entries.