Where is MCMA3's equivalent to "users and groups"?

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seto667 posted this 2 weeks ago

On MCMA2 there was a tab called users and groups where you could edit player permissions and create permission groups. If it still exists where is it, if not how do I edit these things?

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jdenson posted this 1 weeks ago

Hey, I've ran into the same problem! I've had a look at the UserData.json file and found for each user there is this:
"Permissions": [ "*" ], Not really sure what to do there, so I assume it's a feature that's still in development!

Mike posted this 1 weeks ago

MCMA3 isn't getting this feature to manage in-game permissions for now. Instead it has a file manager to let you edit the YAML files directly. It might come as an AMP plugin later on.

The permissions inside UserData.json are for controlling AMPs own permissions (not anything to do with Minecraft)

jdenson posted this 1 weeks ago

Hey Mike, Thank's for the reply! I'm not attempting to do anything with permissions within Minecraft just the AMP web interface! Sorry for not mentioning that!

Mike posted this 1 weeks ago

Ah AMPs own permissions are currently in development :)

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jdenson posted this 1 weeks ago

Ahh thank's for the quick replays! Keep up the good work!