AMP Starbound Server - can't install or just run

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CallHimX posted this 3 weeks ago - Last edited 3 weeks ago

Hey guys,

currently I'm testing your new AMP System, it seems to be something really great. But currently I can't install a Starbound Server on a Instance, or just run it.

If I try to start this Server, AMP asking me about my Steam Login (fine so far), I typed the data in, then it comes up a message: "You have no access to Starbound Server on your account" or something similar. In the background AMP is asking for my Steam Guard Code, but I can't type that in, because of that message, this ticks every second in and blocks my complete screen. The end of the story is, I'm stucked in a loop between looking at this message, clicking okay and waiting for the same message again ... yea and so on.

The only way to escape that is to stop the instance. Is there a workaround?

Thanks guys

Kind regards CallHimX

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Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

Can you post a screenshot of the issue?

CallHimX posted this 3 weeks ago

Hey Mike,

sure, this message pops up every time, even when I click the "OK" button:

To clarify, before the question comes up, there is definitely Starbound on this Account. ;)

Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

What browser are you using?

CallHimX posted this 3 weeks ago

The newest Firefox Browser 52.0.2.

Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

Does it happen if you use Chrome?

CallHimX posted this 3 weeks ago

Yes, it also happens if I'm using the newest Chrome version.

But in Chrome, the message ticks a little bit slower in, so I was able to type the Steam Guard Code in between three messages. But after all the complete instance crashed while the installation of starbound.

Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

Hmm, I'll take a look at this shortly then. Might be something wrong with the notification that's making it prompt over and over.