AMP - Gmail config?

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strange posted this 3 weeks ago

I'm trying to set up a task to send an email via Gmail SMTP.

Should clicking 'test settings' do anything?

I've tried both unauthenticated (via the unauthenticated server) and the normal, SSL, 465, app-specific password (alphabetic only), and test settings does nothing, nor does the task appear to trigger.


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strange posted this 1 weeks ago

Bump :/

Anyone got the email sending working? Ideally via gmail smtp...

Mike posted this 1 weeks ago

Have you set an email address for your user?

strange posted this 6 days ago - Last edited 6 days ago

In 'user management'? No, turns out I don't - needed I presume?

Added email to my profile, still no response on 'test settings', nor emails received per schedule :/